14 in Cuban Mahogany / Recessed Sycamore Humidor

Classic style solid hardwood cigar humidor.  Beautiful, elegant and handsome.  Clean, simple lines - classic styling is designed to withstand the test of time.

  • Size: Apx 16x11x6.5
  • Capacity: 75-100 cigars
  • Humidification:  Passive RH 70% Crystal System
  • Hygrometer:  Digital high accuracy
  • Body:  3/4" thick Solid Cuban Mahogany.  Cuban Mahogany is a rare wood.  Cuban Mahogany is only available if a tree is naturally downed (hurricane) or is reclaimed.  Cuban Mahogany has rich golden whiskey tones with soft cocoa flecks.
  • Accent:  Solid Sycamore raised into the lid.  Sycamore has an intriguing appearance of snakeskin accented with honey tones.
  • Lining:  Solid 1/4" Spanish Cedar
  • Floor:  Solid 1/4" 'Night Sky' Granite
  • Dividers:  Three
  • Hardware:  American-made solid brass.
  • Medallion:  Solid hand-cast pewter.
  • Hygrometer and Humidifier Mount:  Solid Sycamore.
  • Weight: Apx 16 lbs.

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