Aging Chest Humidor

When aging cigars, the challenge with a humidor is getting the right aging environment to help in long term aging.

The challenge with humidors that hold many cigars is that the cigars on the bottom of the humidor don't get quite as much of the environment and humidity as the cigars on the top.  

This chest-sized humidor was designed with function at it's core providing the client an optimal aging environment for cigars.  We built it with a center powered fan humidification unit would direct humidity upward.  Once the humidor air hit the lid, it would be deflected either side of the humidor.  We then created air channels on either side of the humidor to allow the humid air to come back down to the bottom of the humidor.  Finally we designed the floor to raise the cigars up so that even the very bottom most cigars got touched with properly regulated and humidified air.  I believe that the Aging Chest humidor is one of the most intelligently designed cigar aging humidors ever designed.

For aesthetics, we used solid Sapele Mahogany for both the body and the accents.

  • Body:  Solid Sapele Mahogany - ribbon stripe
  • Size: 24" x 10" x 13"
  • Hardware:  American made solid brass
  • Lining:  Solid Spanish Cedar - modular and removable.
  • Floor:  Trademark granite floor
  • Humidification:  Powered fan humidification
  • Design:  Intelligent air flow design allowing humid air to circulate top bottom and sides of the cigars.

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