Travel Humidors

My best ideas come to me when I take time in the outdoors.  Sometimes I hike.  Sometimes I am simply driving to meet a client.

As artisan products, my cigars deserve a level of respect when being taken on a journey.  And I am not about to take them along with me in a plastic container.

Enjoy our collection of travel cigar humidors made to care for your cigars while on your journey.  Created with milled aircraft aluminum, solid woods, fine leather - all precious materials that I treasure.

Our travel humidors are designed to care for your cigars perfectly.  Travel humidors you can be proud of.  Travel humidors that look better the harder you use them.  Your kids will fight over them when you're gone.
Get outdoors and get some great ideas.  Take one of our humidors along with you.
Sorry, no plastic.
Travel Humidors - Eddie DeJong