The Vanderburgh Team

eddie lerryn portrait
Eddie & Lerryn DeJong - Vanderburgh & Co. Ltd Founders


These days, I more often find myself taking the roll as 'Purveyor of Artists'. 

What I mean by that, is that this company has never been a 'one man show'.  This company is unique because of the unique collaboration of the Vanderburgh team.  It's the people we have with unique skill-sets that collaborate together to create something spectacular and unique.  Often times one of my brilliant craftsmen's unique design experiment.  Many times it's nature in itself - God's natural artwork in wood inspiring a design.  Other times, one of our artists influences the entire design direction.  It's what makes us unique. 

We search for artists all the time.  People that can collaborate as a whole to bring something really special to the world. 

I hope that you enjoy what you see here.  If you are an artist who feels you could contribute to something that we do - please send me an email.  We love to collaborate with new ideas and techniques.

Lerryn DeJong - Sales Manager & Administrative Genius

My wife and best friend -  will openly admit that it's tough living with a 'dreamer'.  Someone needs to keep things in check - keep bills paid, and artists happy.  Lerryn is the master of keeping things organized and on the right path. 

Ryan Portrait bw
Ryan Shervill - Master Craftsman

Ryan is brilliant and a great design collaborator.  When I am stumped on a design, I can always count on Ryan to take a dream and turn it into a reality.  Often times I just let Ryan 'go for it' and he always comes up with something spectacular.  He is a master of knowing his craft.  Wood - as a natural product - has it's own personality.  I have confidence that Ryan knows just how to manipulate it through precise joinery and world-class skill. 

Ryan is huge family man, a hunter and outdoorsman.  He is also a Contributing Editor to Canadian Home Workshop magazine as well as Field Editor for Outdoor Canada magazine.

thomas miller
Thomas Miller - Master Craftsman


After a University of Denver engineering degree Tom followed his boyhood passion to play hockey in the NHL. In a six year professional career he played with the Detroit Red Wings and the New York Islanders.

After hockey he settled into his home on a farm in southern Ontario and began honing his skills as a master furniture maker.  Tom's level of care and detail in his craft is exquisite.  Tom completed the intricate pearl skull inlay in the Cro Magnon Cube humidor.

natalie salminem BW
Natalie Salminem - Encaustic Artist

Natalie is a great friend of our family and a very talented artist out of Minnesota, USA.  Natalie's artwork can be found all over the world - and we are priviledged to have her art also found on our special line of Wedding Album cases.  Encaustic art is a special artform where paper, documents and photographs are encapsulated in beeswax.  This method has been used since Ancient Egypt as Egyptians preserved important documents in beeswax that are still preserved to this day.

Renato Foti
Renato Foti - Glass Artist


Renato does some wonderful things with glass, and his artwork is seen on many of our humidors and ashtrays.  His glass sculptures are intriguing and fascinating.

Renato began is Art career in the late 80’s working on mixed media art  using a variety of found and made materials. In the early 90’s his experimentation with glass & castings formed a new “ Mask” series that was exhibited in NYC and Chicago by Miller and Marx Saunders Gallery respectively and then at Sandra Ainsly Gallery in Toronto.  During these times, Renato became very active in Arts organizations like the Glass art Association, Ontario Craft Council and the Sculpture Society of Canada, mostly on a board level.

Renato also started a Glass production company that made smaller functional objects in fused glass that have been featured and exhibited in such places as the Museum of Art & Design in NYC, Gardener Museum ( Toronto), Barney’s NY, Rouge Concept, Gallery Double T, Artful Home and many other fine craft Galleries across the USA and Canada. With a new vase design, a Niche award was presented to Renato in 2004.

christopher robin adams
Chrisopher Robin 'Kit' Adams - Poet, Writer


I met Christopher when he first contacted me when researching about Spanish Cedar.  We helped provide the right information while he was writing his book of poetry called 'Spanish Cedar'.  Spanish Cedar It is a collection of poetry and stories about life, experiences and miscellaneous musings usually inspired while smoking a fine cigar.  It is a great read, and I would encourage you to pick one up.

Although living in Florida, USA, Christopher has since become our 'resident' poet often sending poems and stories along which populates our blog.  He also wrote all of the inspired writings specifically for our new Artisan Series humidors for our client DFS Galleria.  These humidors are a complete collaborative effort between craftsman, glass artist and poet. 

dino muradian
 Dino Muradian - Pyrography Artist

Dino is an incredible pyrography artist out of Toronto Ontario.  He takes care of all of our humidors that require special personalization.  Dino did an unbelievable job replicating a famous Beatles photograph entirely by hand on one of our unique custom bespoke humidors.