About Us

DeJong Family In Mexico

When my brother returned from honeymooning in Havana, he gifted me box of fine Cuban Montecristo #2 cigars.  I knew I needed a good place to store them for a long period of time.  An insurance policy.  And the humidors I researched at the time wouldn't cut it.

You see, I'm an individual who doesn't necessarily need a lot of things - I just wanted to buy really good things once.  So I sought out a master craftsman to build for me a cigar humidor - out of solid hardwood.  Traditionally crafted.  Hand-finished with fine oils.  A humidor that I could be proud of, and leave for my kids one day.  Something different, celebrating art through craftsmanship and even art through nature.

And I simply wondered if there were more people out there looking for the same thing that I was.  We were right.

So using my roots in organic and industrial design, I brought together a team of craftsman and artists that together we create the most well-built, finely crafted and well-designed functional cigar humidors available anywhere.  I've travelled around the world to find just the right companies and suppliers of materials.

Since beginning, Vanderburgh & Company Ltd has had the privilege and honor of working for hundreds of clients around the world - like you - with that same vision.  And we've been able to work with notable brands like:

  • The Indianapolis Motor Speedway - building their 100th anniversary Brickyard Humidor
  • Hennessy Cognac - building two unique humidors for their Hennessy XO and their Hennessy Richard cognac.
  • Famous golf courses
  • Many premium boutique cigar brands.  Mombacho Cigars.  RomaCraft.  Lou Rodriquez Cigars.  Jamieson CIgars.
  • Featured in The Robb Report 
  • Featured in Cigar Aficionado
  • Featured in Very Best magazine

So that's a little story of who we are and where we came from.  It's a simple story but it's true.  

We'd be honored to work for you.

Alfred North Whitehead once said that:  "Art flourishes when there's a sense of adventure.".  I hope you find our products both inspiring and adventurous - just how life should be.

Welcome to Vanderburgh - a Synergy of Art and Function.

- Eddie DeJong Founder.