Ryan Shervill Signature Maple

This incredible humidor displays why my builder, Ryan Shervill is a Master Craftsmen.  This gorgeous humidor was concieved and designed entirely by Ryan.  

The body is made from a rare and solid British Columbia Big Leaf Maple.  This unique figure only comes from this part of the world and is highly sought after.  Accented by Australian Bloodwood in many areas.  As your eyes gaze over this masterpiece, subtle details surprise you at every corner, mitre and curve.

Accents can be found on the Spanish Cedar lining, around the humidifiers, handle, feet and lid.

Humidifiation is provided by our own humidifiers which can only be found on our Signiture Series humidors.  Milled from a solid bar of aircraft aluminum and humidity controlled by RH Beads.  In trademark fashion, this humidor is finished with solid 1/2" granite floor which not only looks luxurious but provides a stability for temperature and the humidor body itself.


  • Size: 18 1/4" x 10 1/4" x 7"
  • Body: Solid rare British Columbia Big Leaf Maple
  • Accent: Australian Bloodwood
  • Capacity: Apx 75-100 cigars
  • Floor - 1/2" solid granite
  • Lining:  Solid Spanish Cedar
  • Seal: Humiseal inlay
  • Humidification: Limited edition, aircraft aluminum milled bead system

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