Vanderburgh One - H2O for Africa Edition


Building Water Wells for friends in Africa.

In just over 3 months beginning around April 7th, 1994 (about 100 days), 500,000 to 1,000,000 Africans were slaughtered in the Rwanda Genocide.  It was one of the worst atrocities in modern time.  As a result many families were left desperately poor and kids (who survived) were left without parents having to fend for themselves.  20 years later, families are still struggling with minimal opportunity and lack of basic resources (like water).

Clean water is at the very core of the solution to influence the rebirth of Africa.  Without water there is no food.  Without clean water, children and livestock become diseased and infected with basic curable diseases (like diarrhea).

Vanderburgh is indirectly partnering with World Vision and ALL profits from a Vanderburgh One H2O for Africa Edition goes directly to supporting and building new clean water wells for communities in Africa bringing sustainable health to needy communities.

The Vanderburgh One

The Vanderburgh One is a gorgeous travel humidor designed to protect one prized cigar on your journey. Vanderburgh One Cigar Capsule Description

First, we take a solid bar of Aircraft Aluminum and precisely mill it to just the right size.  It's big enough to hold a 7" x 56 ring gauge Churchill cigar. 

Then we take the fresh aluminum milling and anodize it to a luxurious satin finish.  This keeps the aluminum from oxidizing and turning your white dress-shirt into black.  The anodizing is completed by one of only two companies in North America that can anodize to the automotive spec set out by BMW and Audi. Then we add a rubber O-Ring to make the capsule 100% waterproof, locking in the humidified air protecting your cigar.

To add further character we accent the humidor with a sleeve of fine full-grain leather and fasten an inlay of gorgeous solid exotic wood.

The Vanderburgh One is a perfect option for carrying that perfect cigar, and makes a great wedding party gift for your best men.  We can even personalize these humidors for your men if you just simply ask.

Price $123 each.  Personalization extra.

  • Available in 4 colors:  Maduro Brown, Chestnut, Natural Tobacco, Oscuro Black
  • Size: 8" x 1" (203 mm x 25.4 mm)
  • Capacity: One cigar up to 7" x 56 guage (178 mm x 23mm)
  • Humidification:  None required - 100% waterproof / climate proof seal.
  • Leather:  Premium full-grain
  • Finish: Anodized satin aluminum
  • Wood accent:  African Sapele Mahogany (Quarter-sawn / Ribbon-stripe).

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